Festival of Frugality Visits the Card Guys Blog


Card Guys is pleased to host the 379th Festival of Frugality (our first time!), with a ton of great personal finance blog posts that have been produced this past week.  To demonstrate just how much we love frugality, we posted hearts all over this unsuspecting jar of small change.

But that’s not all we posted.

We posted:

…two articles choc full of useful consumer advice that is all too often overlooked (some even in the personal finance blogosphere).

And here are some of the nuggets of frugal wisdom and other financial wisdom that we found around the Web this past week (if you want to be part of the Festival of Frugality, you can submit your posts here or sign up to be a host here). It’s always great to have new blogs hosting the carnival.

FIVE STAR FRUGAL POSTS (in the personal opinion of the editor of this post).

MR presents Why Unemployment Is Likely To Be Higher Than In The Past 50 years posted at Money Reasons. This post gives us a pretty good idea why frugality might remain in style for some time to come.

Jon the Saver presents Preparing Meals: How It Can Save You Big Bucks posted at Free Money Wisdom. Preparing meals can save you a ton of money. Everyone knows that cooking at home saves you money but do you really do it?

David Leonhardt presents Quirky ways to save money on your car posted at Self-help Happiness Blog. Anybody can save money on one’s car the tried and true ways – and why not? But a special person can really have fun saving money. All it takes is some discipline and the willpower to be quirky. Do you have what it takes?

KT presents Retail Tips to turn you into a smart shopper posted at Personal Finance Journey. My insiders hot 10 tips to turn you into a smart retail shopper and save you money along the way.

Tony presents How I Saved Money to Viciously Pay Down Debt posted at Frugal Rules. There are many things you can do in order to pay off debt. With a few simple changes you can make a significant dent in towards your debt repayment.


Amanda L Grossman presents What Extreme Couponers Know about Coupons that You May Not posted at Frugal Confessions. I’ve caught a few episodes of the show Extreme Couponing in the past, and each time it has led me to wonder about the logistics of these peoples lives: how

Lazy Man presents Reader Email: What Is a Good Food Budget? posted at Lazy Man and Money.  People typically spend a good amount on food, especially eating out. The USDA has some guidelines on how much people spend on groceries. Using the most recent data, a typical couple in the 19-50 range (a typical Lazy Man reader) would spend between $87.30 and $111.50 a week on thrifty or low-cost plans.

Amy presents Economical Foods You Can Eat to Stay Healthy While on a Budget – Part I posted at Money Mishaps. It is possible to eat healthy on a budget.

Little House presents How to Improve Your Home in 10 Minutes. . .or Less posted at Little House in the Valley. Are you thinking about selling your house or sprucing it up a bit? Here are some great cosmetic tips that take 10 minutes or less. All you need are a few supplies, some elbow grease, and some creativity.

Maria presents Tax Avoidance for the masses well some of them anyway posted at The Money Principle. The masses can indulge in tax avoidance to save losing Child Benefit by contributing to additional pension and the government chips in!

Wayne presents Simple Ways to Save Money posted at Young Family Finance. What are some simple ways to save money? The first order of business is to be smart with your purchases. Some of the most wasteful purchases are on items you already have or do not need. Additionally, be smart at the supermarket. Make a list of things you need when you run out and be conscientious when you are buying new things.

Pauline presents Bang for your buck, UK edition posted at Reach Financial Independence. If you are planning a frugal UK holiday, here are some travel tips to make your cash go further.

Scott presents What Exactly Are Austerity Measures? posted at One Smart Dollar. Most of us hear the phrase austerity measures on the news but a lot of people don’t understand what they are talking about. Here is the lowdown.

Kristen presents You Think You’re Saving Money…But You’re Not posted at My Dollar Plan. Sometimes we get so caught up in finding a good deal, getting a great bargain on something, and saving money, that it actually is costing us more money, and we’re not saving a penny.

Jason Price presents 10 Budget Friendly Spring Break Ideas for Families posted at Family Living Finance. Looking for spring ideas for families that won’t bust your budget this year? Look no further. Take a trip to the park, take the kids to lunch and more.

Jason Price also presents 6 Sure-Fire Ways to Save More Money posted at One Money Design. Here are 6 sure-fire ways to save more money even if you don’t think you have extra money to put towards your savings goal each month.

Jay presents Is High Octane Gasoline the Best for Your Car? posted at Daily Fuel Economy Tip. acts about high octane gas and if it’s really worth it.


Jack presents Errors, Identity Theft and Your Credit Report posted at Money Saving Ethics.

Daniel presents Credit Card Tips for 2013 Part 3 posted at Make Money Make Cents.

Harry Campbell presents I Finally Guessed Right In My Trading Account posted at Your PF Pro.

Lily presents The Top 5 Tech Products for 2013 posted at Paying Debt Down .

Bob presents Turning Distressed Credit Into Financial Gain posted at Dwindling Debt.

Matt presents Your Rights as a Consumer posted at Budget SNOB.

Katie presents What is a Roth IRA Conversion and How does it Work? posted at IRA Basics.

William presents Facts You Need to Know Before Selling Your Annuity posted at Quote Me A Price.

CAPI presents Common Ways to Increase Your Passive Income posted at Creating a Passive Income.

John presents Living the Home for Sale Life posted at Married with Debt.

Hank presents How Much Life Insurance Do You Need? 4 Key Driving Factors To Know posted at Money Q&A.

SBB presents Too Busy to Plan for Retirement? posted at Simple Budget Blog.

Crystal presents Fear and Anger Are Freaking Motivating posted at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.

SFB presents How Big Is Too Big When It Comes To Your Emergency Fund? posted at Simple Finance Blog.

Darwin presents Why Stocks Are Breaking Records and it’s Not a Bubble posted at Darwin’s Money .

Invest It Wisely presents How Finances can Stress a Relationship and What You Can Do About It posted at Invest It Wisely.

Luke presents Catastrophe Bonds – What They are and how They Work posted at Learn Bonds.

Daniel presents Concerns Define The Middle Class posted at Sweating the Big Stuff.

ETZ25 presents AIG Second Thoughts posted at Entertainment Timez.

Kyle presents Looking for Quick Money? Those Days Are Over… posted at The Penny Hoarder.

Don presents Many American’s Taking Loans From 401k posted at MoneySmartGuides.

Tushar presents Are You Investing in YOU? posted at Start Investing Money and Free Money Is Everywhere If You Know Where To Look posted at Finance TUBE.

A Blinkin presents Warning: The Market is NOT the Economy posted at Funancials.

Suba presents Will You Pay the Price for Preparedness? posted at Broke Professionals.

Rich presents Uncommon Stock Lessons Learned posted at Growing Money Smart.

Debt Guru presents Simple Reason Why it Pays to Be Debt Free posted at Debt Free Blog.

Corey presents Six More Tips to Put You on the Road to Riches posted at Steadfast Finances.

PPlan presents Tips When Buying a Home posted at Provident Plan.

JP presents What Savings Account Scheme to Apply to Save for a New House posted at My Family Finances.

John presents Ask the Experts: How to Fix the Private Student Loan Market posted at Card Hub.

Carrie Smith presents How I Paid Off My Debt in Less Than Two Years (and You Can Too) posted at ReadyForZero Blog.

Mike Collins presents The Minimalist Guide To Car Detailing: Leave the Pros Out of It posted at Wealthy Turtle.

Edgar presents Save Money With Health Insurance posted at Degrees and Debt.

Gary presents What Is A Good Credit Score? posted at Gajizmo.com.

Bryan presents Teaching Kids About Money posted at BryanMaltier.com.

Glen Craig presents How Compound Interest Can Work Against You posted at Free From Broke .

Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey presents Five Reasons Why DIY Could Backfire on You posted at My Personal Finance Journey.

Emily presents Grocery Challenge Update for February 2013 posted at Evolving Personal Finance.

Green Panda presents Are You Comfortable With Banking? posted at Green Panda Treehouse.

MD presents Freaking Crucial Tools That Every Freelancer Needs to Make Money & Stay Focused posted at Start Freelancing Now.

Lance presents USAA Car Insurance and USAA Bank – Great Products I Use posted at Money Life and More.

Blogging Banks presents Top tips for first home buyers posted at Blogging Banks.

Super Saver presents Community College Graduates Salaries Higher than Bachelor Degrees posted at My Wealth Builder.

PFC presents The Starter Emergency Fund posted at PF Carny.

Jen presents How to Start Saving Money (Even if you’re always broke) posted at Master the Art of Saving.

Hadley presents Legal Monopoly: Too Late to Buy Baidu (Symbol: BIDU)? posted at Epic Finances.

Lenny presents Your Credit Score May not be as Accurate as You Think posted at Best Money Saving Blog.

Justin presents The Benefits of Buying a Used Laptop posted at Digit Fox.

Danielle presents Making Extra Money with a Website posted at Saving Without A Budget.


Yup, this one made me grin… Ashley presents A Rapping Financial Planner? posted at Money Talks Coaching

Thanks for joining us.  We hope you will return for some of our exciting posts we have planned over the next few weeks about frugality, credit cards and personal finance.


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